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Telavi, Georgia

The capital of Kakhetian winery

Telavi is located in the heart of Kakheti, the historical area of eastern Georgia, in the valleys of the rivers Iori and Alazani. A trip to Telavi is an excursion around a surprisingly beautiful region to the world of ancient temples and monasteries, picturesque rivers and valleys where amber grapes grow under the warm sun rays. Telavi is not only the region centre. It is the centre of Georgian winemaking which is a cult there. (more…)

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Mtskheta, Georgia

Ancient capital of the Georgian kingdom

Considered as the cult and sacred place for each Georgian, Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia is located 20 km from Tbilisi. Nowhere in Georgia is there such a quantity of sacred and cult places as in Mtskheta. This is the reason why this ancient city is also named “the Second Jerusalem”. It is there that St. Nino of Kappadokia brought the good message to. It is there that one of the greatest relics of the Christian world, the God’s Tunic, is kept. It is there that streams of Christian pilgrims and tourists from all over the world flow to. The main attractions there are: one of the most ancient and esteemed temples – Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and ancient Dzhvari Monastery. They both are unique amazing samples of religious architecture of the medieval Caucasus. (more…)

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Akhalkalaki, Georgia

The city of Akhalkalaki is the centre of a historical region called Samtskhe-Dzhavakhetia located in the utmost southwest of Georgia. It is a high-mountainous area of subalpine and Alpine meadows with many crystal water springs. The climate there is rather severe; in the winter the temperature can fall as low as – 40 С. (more…)

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Zugdidi, Georgia

The city on the land of old Colchis

Located on the Colchid lowland 30 km from the Black Sea near the border with Abkhazia Zugdidi is one of the five largest cities of Georgia . Its population is over 70,000. The city is rather young (1918) although it is situated in the western part of Georgia , in Colchis whose history is very ancient. Therefore there is a great number of interesting ancient monuments in the vicinities of Zugdidi. (more…)

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Poti, Georgia

Main sea gates of Georgia

Poti is a Georgian city and a major seaport, located in the Rioni river delta on the Black Sea coast, 340 kilometers from Tbilisi. The city ranks third in the country among the other ports in maritime traffic. Moreover, the city has its own fish processing plant and shipyard.

Historically, in the place of modern Poti there used to be the ancient city of Fazis, founded two and a half thousand years ago in the days of Colchis. During the Turkish expansion in the XVI century, there was built the Poti fortress, and the dwellings eventually built up around it, gradually developed into the city of Poti in its modern form and boundaries. (more…)

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Gori, Georgia

The Birthplace of Joseph Stalin

Gori is located on the confluence of the Kura and the Liakhi in the picturesque Kartlia valley. From the south and the west the city is surrounded by scenic mountains. Even though the city was first mentioned in the 6 th century, the city is best known as the birthplace of Joseph Dzhugashvili better known as “the Father of the peoples”, or “comrade Stalin” who ruled the Soviet Empire from 1925 to 1953. By the way, the countrymen of the great dictator esteem and respect him. Even the town’s main street is named in his honor – Stalin Prospect. The major places of interest of this small town are Stalin’s Museum built in the form of a marble sarcophagus and the huge bronze sculpture of Stalin, one of a few left in the entire world (the Gori central square). Although Gori citizens are so anxious in preserving the memories of Stalin, the dictator himself hated both remembering his childhood and visiting Gori. (more…)

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Chiatura, Georgia

Chiatura – the City of Ropeways

The small Georgian town of Chiatura is found 220 km from Tbilisi, in the Kvirila river gorge and “scattered” in the surrounding krantz. To get there from the capital is possible by train. The city was founded in 1921 on the site of manganese ore production.

The manganese mines are the city’s one of the main attractions. They are located throughout the outskirts of Chiatura, with some of them–right over the town. There are no restrictions to visit them: the visitors can watch a manganese production process with their own eyes. (more…)

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Batumi, Georgia

The sunny and modern Batumi personifies all the charm of a southern city and a sea resort of the third millenium with high-class luxury hotels. It is located on the Black Sea coast and is exquisitely framed by exotic subtropical flora. Palm trees, cypresses, magnolias, oleanders, bamboo trees, laurels, lemon and orange trees, thuyas and box trees delight the eye everywhere. Batumi is located in a convenient natural Black Sea bay and is not only an important seaport for entire Georgia, but also a tourism capital of the country. The romantic picture of ships departure from the harbor is better seen from Batumi Quay. Batumi citizens name this place Seaside Park-Boulevard. It surrounds the city along its sea border for 8 km. It is at all times very crowded. This is the most popular place for both locals and visitors of the capital. There stands the city symbol – the Dolphin with a palm branch. Dolphins frolicking in Batumi harbor all year round, have become the integral a part the resort image. (more…)

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Rustavi, Georgia

Young city in the land of monasteries

Rustavi is one of the youngest cities of Georgia. The official year of Rustavi ‘s birth is 1948 when it received the city status. Before that in Gabardan steppe on the bank of the Kura river there was a settlement which emerged there due to the fact of construction of large metallurgical plant (1941. In days of the Soviet epoch Rustavi was the largest center of heavy industry, chemistry and machine-building. (more…)

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Kutaisi, Georgia

Kutaisi Overview

Kutaisi is Georgia’s third largest metropolitan area and currently serves as the parliamentary legislative capital. It is located in the central western region of Imereti on the banks of the Rioni River. Kutaisi was the capital of the fabled Kingdom of Colchis. The myth of the Golden Fleece originates here as the waters of the Rioni were once panned for gold using sheep skin. (more…)

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